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Anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some more valentines say gift ideas that can be found online? I'm in a LDR and Id love to order something online and have to shipped to my girlfriend!

thelesbianguide answered:

Hi! I love these kind of questions! I like to think of myself as a decent gift giver. However, Valentine’s Day is always super stressful. Darth is one of those people who are impossible to shop for PLUS her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. So right now I’m frantically scouring the internet for 2 sets of presents. I’ll share all of my findings below :) Also! If any of you have any great suggestions PLEASE (please, please, please) comment below!


Etsy is a great place to find unique, handmade (or vintage!) gifts. Plus, if you mention to the seller that it is a gift/ask them, they will sometimes wrap it up for you nicely and include a card!

These are my favorite things/recommendation on Etsy!

1. World Map Infinity Scarf (18$) or Black & White Newspaper Print Infinity Scarf  (25$) for the scarf lover! 

2. Recycled Wood Planter (28$) for the green thumb enthusiast!

3. Set of Painted Wood Vase & Candle Holder (25$)… I secretly want these because they’re so pretty! Plus there’s many more options if you explore the store.

4. Myshkin Vegan Body Products (6-20$).. this shop includes handmade soaps, cleansers, lip balm, etc with no added chemicals (the ingredients are listed!). Plus they come in amazing packages!

5. 5CHomeDecor Throw Pillows (15$) Darth and I have recently redecorated our home and we purchased some throw pillows from this store and we absolutely LOVE them! They’re a great price, plus the store offers a huge selection of prints. I cannot recommend this store enough. 

6. Wooden Wind-Up Pocket Watch (35$) for the fashion lover! Seriously, this is a gorgeous pocket watch and will be an amazing accessory for someone who isn’t into stereotypical jewelry. 

7. Customizable Tree Bark Copper Ring (68$) This is one of the cutest ring ideas I’ve ever seen. You can have your lover’s & your own initials engraved into the ring (just like back when you were children and would carve into a tree). 

8. Industrial Inspired Housewares by Industrial Rewind (20$+) This store features super cool housing ideas! Seriously, I want about half the things on this Etsy and it offers great ideas for a love who is looking to redecorate or has recently moved. 

9. Driftwood Table Lamp (55$) I want this lamp so much. Seriously. It’s perfect. Go look at it. 

10. Dusty Pink & Gold Concrete Prism Necklace (25$) I’m loving these necklaces right now! Super unique and gorgeous jewelry! 

11. The Gnaked Gnome has the COOLEST Dinosaur Planters! (20$) PLUS they have a Valentine’s Day option for those who are looking to ship it directly to their sweetheart. They only ship within the US or else this would have been the most brilliant V-day gift for Darth. 

12. Eyesore Design has hilarious and unique greeting cards (4$+) and there are plenty of options for Valentine’s Day!

13. Dapper and Swag has the coolest collar chains (12$+) that make for amazing accessories. Anyone who loves fashion will love this shop. 

14. Vintage Poker Chip Pendants/Necklaces (33$) There are some super cool jewelry options in this store! Plus there are some great art prints available as well :)

15. I’m in love with these Black & Gold Stacking Rings (35$) by Daimblod. There are many other color and size options found within the shop! 


Society 6 has the best phone cases, mugs and art prints! Artists/Designers upload their unique art to the website and then Society 6 creates products (giving some of the profit back to the artist). There are literally hundreds of designs and art to choose from so there is something for everyone. I can’t even begin to recommend my favorite designs because there are so many, so go and explore the website!


Think Geek is an awesome website for cult classic movie lovers. They have a great selection of Star Wars items, Doctor Who items, and Tolkien items. 

Hope these ideas help!

- Em

ps. Sorry for the length of this post! Apparently I am very passionate about online shopping. If any of you are looking for anything specific online, let me know and I’ll do my best to track it down for you!

pps. Darth and I run an Etsy store as well! It’s full of androgynous jewelry and pocket squares. Plus, if you let us know it’s a valentine’s day gift we will do any crazy requests to make it perfect. Also, I’m a sucker for love, so let us know you’re from Tumblr and we will gladly throw in a free charm :) 

pps. I will likely continue adding to this list as I think of more ideas!


Also! Hahna from Myshkin Vegan Body Products has created a coupon specifically for you guys! Enter ‘lesbianguide’ upon check out and receive 15% off now through February!!